My First Competitive Run

Well, I walked the riverwalk this morning… and then did another two miles tonight down to the mailboxes. Hopefully tomorrow I will run around the track in town.

Last year I did my first run at the end of April, we trained so hard and long for that it seemed. Every Mon, Wed and Friday from the beginning of March through April. I am so thankful for my coach Kirsten and running partners last year Pedro and Jessica, I wouldn’t have done it without them.


I was soooo nervous that morning, but it went way better then I thought it would. I was all alone in the beginning but I made some amazing friends who ended up running the Missoula ½ Marathon with me which I never would have done without them. There were only about 25 -30 runners I think and about 75 people signed up altogether, which made it a smaller, comfortable crowd.

Indian Springs Ranch Indian Springs Ranch pond

I remember when we first started training for this 5K. We would run like 60 seconds and walk for 2-3 minutes and do that over and over for like 20 minutes or a half hour or something not too terrible. I thought that was so hard. I couldn’t wait till the 60 seconds was over.

DSCN3765 DSCN3767

Then the next time we ran about 90 seconds alternating with walking. Couldn’t wait for the 90 seconds to be over. It never seemed to get easier, except having someone to talk to while I was running would keep me distracted and that helped a lot.

We would run through town in the dark because of Daylight Savings Time. There was a nice paved track not far away the girls would do two laps and us “old folks” would do one, but everyone ran for 30 minutes. And best of all, I can attest today that I can still run 2 miles in 30 minutes, a year later with months in between, I did it over Christmas break and again this spring. All because I started with that group. So my advice is definitely JOIN, somehow, somewhere a group if you can, at least to start. Don’t look at it as a commitment for life, think of it as a starting point. After a while, you’ll run for yourself, but in the beginning the accountability and the new friendships are priceless.


DSCN3769 DSCN3780

Then on Friday I think we ran like 3 minutes and walked for 3 minutes or something close to it. I never thought I could run for a whole 3 minutes without stopping. It seemed so hard!

DSCN3783 DSCN3790

The next Monday we were running 5 minutes a shot already and before I knew it we would run 10-20 minutes at a pop!



These pictures are from the day after the run. I went back with my dogs. Such a BEAUTIFUL place to race!


I didn’t have a smart phone yet so I didn’t really have the ability to download the right app. I think it was Couch-to-5k. It sure worked great! I had never run three miles before in my life! But we did it that day, and then it just went on from there!

Have you run a competitive race or dreamed of running one?

Would love to hear about your first experience  or if you’re dreaming of one to come…


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