Fastest Run Today

MudCreekRoad shot

Well I didn’t actually have a super fast run but I did run about a 12 minute mile for mile number 2 which is very unusual for me. So far I have been excited to finish 2 miles in 30 minutes because for me just being able to run for 30 minutes straight is a huge accomplishment. For soooo many years in my life I was never able to even run 1/2 a mile without totally running out of breath etc. Now knowing with confidence that I can complete 2 miles in a half hour is amazing and tonight proved that I will get faster with time! And this was late in the evening, about 5:30pm I had just gone down the road to walk the dogs, thinking I wasn’t going to run today, it was too late and had lost my window of opportunity. After mile 21/2 I decided that I felt good enough to go to town and try it around the track and wala! I did it!


2 thoughts on “Fastest Run Today

  1. Hi Walking, walking, walking, a suggestion for those who can’t run anymore, get a a little lap dog and walk, walk, walk, good for you and good for little doggie! Maybe it’s not the marathon but it makes you feel like you ran one!

    • I agree! Having a dog to walk helps you get out the door! One of my friends calls me “the crazy dog lady” cause I actually have three dogs that go with me most of the time! Haha.

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