Last year 5 days to go…

So last year 5 days before the ½ marathon my friend Dacia says   “Hey if we can go hiking with Paul (our dear friend) we can do this!”   I laugh cause that was in the year 2000 and I was what 15 years younger then? Barely over 30?! Now I was 46 and to top it off had just started smoking again that summer. OK,  only 1 cigarette maybe 2 a day but still let me tell you when you’re running you can FEEL IT!!   Anyway, here’s some pictures of the places we’ve been to inspire that “I can do it feeling!” JackiePoochKiekoSkiiing TherriaultLake gravescrhike 1 PaulJackie 2 PaulPointing MtnTopPD copy


Looking at these pictures reminded me of an article I read in the Missoulian:

When I goo ogled the kids in the article I found this video! Love it. One of the all time best days of my life was my hike to Stuart Peak. I think I did it at this time of year too but I couldn’t be sure. It could have been summertime! It was a while ago! But I’ll never forget the view, I can see it crystal clear!

Check it out? If you ever come to Missoula, MT and have time for an ALL DAY hike, this is one you don’t want to miss!



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