Sunday Run! 



I can’t believe it’s April already! The counter on the Missoula Marathon page says there are 96 days, 23 hours, and 38 minutes left till race day! Well, that doesn’t sound as bad. Let’s see how many weeks would that be? 96/7=less than 14 weeks! That’s about a mile a week! Haha.


Finally yesterday I was able to run 3 miles! Felt soooo good when I was done and the confidence stayed with me all day, as well as the reminder in the form of sore muscles.


Went back to my trailhead about 11:30 in the morning hoping getting out the door earlier in the day would help me, before I had the time to eat a bunch of food. I started out walking for about a mile or so to get past my little hill. Turned on my beloved run meter. I don’t think I could run without an iPod or iPhone, to me having music or podcasts to distract you is essential and having the run meter to give me definite mileage is making this year soooo much easier.


Before I knew it I was done with mile one. I plowed through most of mile two. At 1.8 miles I thought “Hey I can turn around!” I was just getting a bit tired when I had a ¼ mile left but realized that this last part was going to be straight up a fairly big hill!  One that I usually never run on. I decided to sprint and made it almost to the top. 2.97 miles according to the run meter. But this is great news for me!


Then I had a mile or so walk back to stretch out my muscles and enjoy my peace and solitude. I feel soooo blessed to have such an amazing place to run.






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