The Importance of Rest


Yesterday I really wanted to run three miles.

But I wasn’t full of energy and enthusiasm when I got up and a little bit of drizzle made an easy excuse not to go.

Then around 6:30 last night I finally got the energy I needed to go. I hopped in my jeep and headed up to my trailhead I haven’t been to since last summer. It turned out not to be the icy slick road I expected but a puddle of mud!


I set my run meter which was so nice and started to walk for five minutes to warm up. There’s also a pretty sizable hill- for me at least – I wanted to get past before I started to run.  After about a mile I started to jog but right away I realized that


a. not only was my body still a bit sore from the day before,

b. there had been too much sitting at my computer and art desk today, n

c. worst of all I’d had a salad for lunch that was still too full in my belly,


and today was not going to be the day. Right away I went back to walking.


At first I felt a little bit let down n disappointed in myself but something in my head reminded me of Jeff Galloway’s book about marathon training and the importance of letting your muscles rest. I also remembered how our running group only ran every other day last year as well.


So I enjoyed my 3 mile walk in the woods. I know ill get back soon and feel good. I think thats something super important most new runners dont realize that rest (both mental and physical) is an essential part of your training.


I thought back to many many springs in my lifetime where I started out thinking I’m gonna become a runner this spring n then would feel bad if I didn’t run everyday and would eventually quit.


Who knew that really the best thing is to only run every other day and the importance of rest days in between? So I hope if you are a new runner you’ve learned some valuable lessons today and listen to your body’s needs when it says its time for a rest!!


This was actually from Saturday morning. Not sure what the etiquette is about posting dates. Since I am just posting it this morning, I guess I will leave the date? Even though I am going to put another post up this morning about yesterday as well. So much to learn…


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