Pushing Through


So yesterday, I headed out hoping to get two steady miles in a half hour in.

My mom said, let’s walk the dog, so I ended up walking a mile and ½ with her. Then I headed out on my own. I made it through the first mile in under 14 minutes which is pretty good for me, but then didn’t have it in me to keep going. I turned my run meter back to walk and started to write my blog post. But I was so disappointed to say I hadn’t run my two miles, that after 2 minutes, I reset my timer and started off in a sprint. I managed to run the second mile in just over 13 minutes!

The best part was how good I felt today, knowing I made it through the whole thing yesterday!

I have to say I couldn’t run two feet without my iPhone or iPod, and podcasts or music to listen to, and now my Runmeter app that gives me that incentive to pick up the pace or just keep going when I look down and see just ¼ mile to go!


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