Great 3 miles Today!


Awesome run today

My goal for today was to run 3 miles in 45 min!
I finished in 42 min 20 seconds.
And I was so close to 40 min!
My run meter said I was getting to 2.88 at just over 40 minutes but that last .12 was a killer.
I did sprint from 2.75 till 2.98 and then those last 2 hundredths! just did me in…
I remember the first mile mile n half were soooo hard! I  made good choice to come to park today instead of trying to run in my neighborhood, I know that helped. Then I kinda got lost at the big park – ended up in a construction zone! The beginning  of my run was no fun! Just a constant struggle, but then I finally found the duck pond which was the perfect place to go, especially since I’d almost run a mile and a half when I looked at my phone when I finally got there. It was so inspirational too to see these two friends, stop their walk, get a stick and clean the garbage etc out of the pond.




The other day I listened to a podcast on John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur on Fire and Kate Matsudaira was on talking about great first impressions and being the person you want to be, being that person who’s standing in line having a great day, and just loving life. This is the second time I felt that way this week. I thought I want to be those people as well!




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