Marathon or Half Marathon

Missoula Marathon Sign In

These are my thoughts on a marathon versus a half marathon.


If I ever get to the point where I am running 5-6 miles in 45 minutes on a regular basis I might consider the training to complete a full marathon. I have always felt deep in my heart I could walk a marathon at any given stage in my life if I had to, might take 13 hours, but I believe I have always kept active enough to complete that. But running it?


I have one thing to say to that. I would be surprised if I ever had the time to commit. Training even for a half marathon is fairly time intensive. I often find after a 2 hour workout I am beat and have difficulty completing any other tasks on those days. It seems like last year there were a few days I did a longer run and then went to work at the store. I will have to check, it seems more likely those were on my days off. I didn’t do all that much training last year anyway, not nearly enough to be comfortable with those last 5 miles instead of miserable. 


When I read Lance Armstrong’s book all I could think is this guy has to be the most selfish, self-centered b*st*rd on the planet to spend all this time on his bike training. I never could have imagined how much time I spent last summer running. And running is indeed less time consuming then walking, but still.


But hands down, a half marathon is enough. I wish I knew where there consistent 5ks and 10ks to run within a month or even two weeks of each other through the spring. Maybe in NY I’ll find some?


Often non runners ask me the question why run with all these crazy people in a crowd? I can’t really explain it, but if you haven’t tried  a competitive run I think you should try it.

What are your thoughts on running? Is a 5k enough? A half? A full marathon? Are you ready for the ultra?



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