Not feeling it today

Woke up yesterday and started out having a good morning but feeling like i had a lot to do…Finally found time to shower and what a shock! I had gained 5 full pounds!!

The day before the scale had finally started going down and now it was up higher then i had seen since Thanksgiving! I immediately jumped into my running clothes and headed out the door. My mom said wear something warm its cold out there so i grabbed my fleece.

The dog wanted to join me and gave me a pleading look i couldn’t resist especially since I really wasn’t in the mood to run at all. We made it around the corner and between the wind, cold, and dog leash I ended up heading right back home. I had too much work on my mind and just wasn’t feeling it. Turns out it was the best thing i could have done.

Got my work done. Then that afternoon i managed to walk to work 3.28 miles in the sun at a rapid pace! Today I just got a good two miles in under 30 min, completing my goal for the afternoon running strong at one of my faster paces. So everything worked out great! Yesterday i had more time to exercise in the afternoon and today i got a good quick run in!

I hope what you’ll take away from this is know your body, if you’re really not feeling it don’t push it you’ll probably have a better run the next time be it tomorrow or two hours from now.

I might add one note, when i headed out today it was tough to get going and when i first looked at my runmeter hoping id done a half a mile and it only said .30 i was initially a bit discouraged but my voice in my head said You can do this, only 5 more of what you just did! i was easily able to push on through today!

Hope this gives new runners a little inspiration!

Have you had experiences where you just weren’t feeling it? What helps you stay motivated? Are some days easier to get going then ohers?


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