What a difference a half hour can make!

Ok so this morning i was also thinking about my last run on thursday
I usually like to write my blog post as soon as im done running
it seems like i have a better chance of posting if i do that plus everything’s fresh in my head but i didnt have time the other day cuz i was headed to an interview but that was the best part
I got a call that morning and made the appointment just a few hours in the future
I got home with an hour 1/2 to get there
I said just enough time to do a quick 2 miles and get dressed
I threw on my running clothes set my timer on my phone for 30 min- gonna have to quit no matter what the distance today
Set my runmeter, turned on the inspiring John Lee Dumas Entrepreneur On Fire and started to run after just two short minutes of walk warm up.
At the half mile i looked and was a bit disappointed it wasn’t farther but said ahhh you can do this -amazed at my confidence that i knew it was a gaurantee it would get done.
At the end i finished strong in just 25 min total getting faster n stronger all the time bc i had no break between these two miles.
Best of all was the confidence booster for my interview n the chance to go over possible questions in my head i’d gotten wrong before. Listening to inspiring successful people who have taken the leap and reached out on their own, who have been where I am now, who have overcome failures both big and small, and still shine is just the best medicine of all.
I felt so good when I went in there, not just because I knew that I had run 2 miles straight that day and felt comfortable in my dress clothes, but because I had strong answers prepared.
p.s. I got the job :~)



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