Spring 5k

Oh my
First time in GCHS probably since graduation 1985
N what am i doing here?
This morning mom goes
Theres a race in G. C today
It was in the paper-
Sounds good
Set my timer to shower at 7:30
Think maybe i can find the info online – yep day of the race registration from 7-8:30
Ok better go
Drive over, get out of the car n here come the nerves
What am i thinking? How did i get here
Look at all these fancy running clothes?
Oh yeah this is a race dummy am i gonna be the last one?

Do i care? Well ill just start slow at my regular pace hoping to do a 42 min 3 miles
I usually do better towards the end
Well thats a relief hopefully a lot of these people r only here for the walk


Ok except now is it just me n a couple of fast women n the boys running team?



Ok slow but steady wins the race


or comes in last haha but beat my time 41:18!!





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