Lots of GOOD information out there

Last year
I didnt have much info on running or training for a half marathon
N this year im not really in much better shape etc
I havent hardly run at all these last two weeks not sure exactly why
My new job might be keeping me dehydrated a few times i have woke up or headed out intending to run and felt like i smoked a pack of cigarettes very unusual
But i have got a lot of walking in so maybe my body just needs some different rests etc
This morning i am sitting here reading a book i checked out of the library over a month ago called
the complete 26 week training program marathon n half marathon the beginners guide by Marnie Caron
Feeling a lot better even though technically i am way behind lots of good tips and tricks so i recommend if your new to running and not sure about what your doing definitely do some research read some blogs get some books etc lots of important info out there about rest periods/pacing/food and dehydration etc
Lots of little things that can really help
Feeling a lot more confident and strong knowing my body
Hoping to get a long run in this weekend of at least 4-5 miles…
Sooo heres to 8 weeks till my half!!!


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