The Secret Path


Trying to get the energy up to go for my run this morning…

Felt so good Monday and Tuesday after I went, had been looking forward to it…but so hard to get myself out the door…
OK, so finally out on the sidewalk, really having a hard time getting going. Thought maybe I was pushing myself too hard after Monday’s 3 miles after not having run in almost 2 or three weeks since I started my new job. Ran about 1/3 of mile, walked a little, ran another 1/3 mile, my goal was to get to the track at the local high school, find some soft ground to run on and see if that helped. All weekend I had planned to run 4-5 miles but never made it anywhere. Even though it seemed early at just after 7am I guess the kids go to school already and as buses drove by and the parking lot looked full, I decided I needed a new plan. I headed towards home, barely having any energy or desire to keep going anyway, and saw a few other runners who were taking a short route around this little cul-de-sac, turning the inside corner. I thought, I’m gonna go the long way, so that I get the extra mileage in since Im cutting my run short anyway. Well, I was so glad I did, because I found the coolest little trail, that ended up leading me back to a soccer field and some of the softest grass I could run on.
I ended up pushing through my 3 miles and getting an extra fourth of a mile in as well. I wish I would have pushed it for the full five, I know I had the energy and the strength to complete them, and I ended up being late for work anyway!
So, this is a bit of advice I guess, trust your gut, keep going when you can, don’t be afraid to pivot, you never know what’s just around the corner.



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