What a difference a week makes!
Soooo glad that even if i didnt run this weekend i read a running book because it helped get me out the door this week… Great 3 miles on monday, 4 on wednesday, and now this morning headed out thinking “now a resting day n easy 2 miles in thirty minutes!” And it was so EASY!! Over in no time, not that I didn’t check my run meter at ½ mile, .80, again at 1.20 and then right at 2.0 exactly!! Love that though, amazing how it can motivate me to see the little distances. Felt great!!
By the end i felt like i could easily have sprinted through another but remembered your supposed to leave off feeling like you could do more and i really want to do at least five if not six this weekend…so gonna head to work (a short 2 mile walk as well) and feel confident i accomplished more then most of my coworkers ready today anyway!
So to all you newbies out there, I remember so many times over the course of my life thinking I will never be a runner because I was always trying to run 5 miles…thinking if I didn’t run every day I wasn’t a runner! Etc…who knew that there are so many secrets to success especially that running just 2 easy miles in 30 minutes on a regular basis just a couple of days a week will do it. And I know you’re thinking running 2 miles will never be easy, but trust me it will. It wasn’t that long ago I was huffing and puffing doing the 30 second runs, 60 second walks and hating every minute of it!
And then I took practically 6 months off this fall and jumped right back into running at New Years. And I assure you, you’ll reap the benefits over and over in confidence!!
Now, gonna see if i can find a memorial day weekend 10k to sign up for!



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