6 Miles Done!




Managed to get out the door early yesterday, although not quite early enough, as it was HOT before I was done at 9:30 but I managed to run a full 5.5 miles! I walked the first ½ mile talking to my spouse and then another mile home, but ran a full 5.5 miles and I’m calling it 6 with the warmup! I don’t know when 11 more laps to go became easy, or even the thought doable, but yesterday, I headed out through town for the high school, had a mile run before I got there plus the half I’d walked, ran an outside lap and thought cool that’s a 1/3 of a mile, so if I was gonna run 6 miles I’d have to do 18 laps total, I already have 1 ½ miles done which would be the equivalent of 4.5 laps so just 13.5 to go minus the one I’d already done to calculate it and the thought of a mere 12 laps seemed completely doable, and I was just so confident it was gonna happen, it was over in no time it seemed. Listening to some great podcasts kept my mind busy. There were an assortment of teenagers, families, and older people all using the track for different reasons and everything felt smooth.

Even though I took this picture (with my medal on to remember) last April, I felt this way yesterday when I was done.


All I can say is if I can do this, anyone can. Missoula ½ here I come!




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