What a morning! Got a trainer! Best thing I could have done!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.40.29 AM

Last week I met a trainer at the track where I run and asked him if he could help me. This morning I was a bit nervous but I showed up anyway. Last night I sent him a text with a few facts about me, I’m 46, overweight, hadn’t done much running so far, etc. He said OK, well warm up with a couple,3 miles before you come. I was like warm up with 2-3 miles? OK…uh… so this morning, I headed out about 45 minutes before our time, I started walking for about 15 minutes but then finally 2 miles was easy. I stayed in the shade so I wouldn’t overheat, it was a lot hotter then I would have liked. I got to the track right on time with a full 2 miles under my belt.

I don’t think I ever posted this week since last Sunday’s great 6 miler, but running this week was tough. Tuesday I barely pulled 2 miles off with lots of breaks and restarts, and then Friday after work I tried to force myself into running another 2, thinking about this morning, but after a rough 1 mile, it started to rain, and I figured I better get my iPhone home and out of the rain before it got ruined…haha, good excuse right? (On my behalf I did walk 2 miles each way to work on Friday and even though it was a short week with Monday off, it had been a long one in the office) So getting five miles in on a Friday didn’t feel too bad even if I did walk most of it.

Anyway back to my training session! SOOOO wonderful. First thing I did were some sprints. Run the straight part and jog or speed walk the corners. I was just so happy I did it. I made it through 4 laps before we took a break. My biggest downfall was not drinking enough (or hardly any for that matter) water yesterday. Next week I am going to make sure I stay more hydrated both at work and definitely on Saturday and try to bring a bottle along with me if possible. Then we did some strength training. Push ups, some kind of sit up things, and arm rows? I don’t really know how to explain it. Best of all was just having someone cheer me on, give me goals, and help me push through to the end. I finished up by saying if I do one last lap I’ll have done a full mile right? So I did one final lap of sprint/speed walks and then walked the mile home.

Best decision I could have made!

And best of all I know I’m gone feel good all week at work. Missoula ½ marathon here I come!



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