2 FAST miles!


Yesterday, I got myself to the track, although not near early enough to escape the heat. As usual the first mile was torture. I don’t know why but that’s still always my hardest mile. I miss the track in NY as it’s outer lap was ⅓ of a mile as compared to this track that’s only ¼ mile so even though they’re shorter having to do 4 instead of 3 didn’t help my mental attitude at all. I did manage to push through and complete my goal which was to run 2 miles in 25 minutes. I almost quit too. At 1.38 miles I walked a bit, then said, oh if I just pick up my pace that last half mile will be over in no time, so I started to run a bit faster.

Image 1

I remembered my trainer having me do these sprints mixed with walking around the corners and managed to throw 2 of those in as well as a last lap and WALA! 2 miles 25:08! I’m a little sore today, but feeling strong and a bit more confident. I’m still a nervous wreck wondering if I really will run all 13.1 miles. I would feel better if I could get some more small runs in this next week! Only a week to go! I can’t believe it. One thing I have been doing is reading a lot of other blogs and I even downloaded a podcast or two to listen to about running although I haven’t really found one I like that inspires me as much as Entrepreneur on Fire my favorite podcast of all time. Are there any podcasts you like? Are you running any races this summer? I’d love to hear about your story.


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