Marathon day a week from today!!

Yesterday i ran 2 fast miles again plus did some strength training exercises-an old dvd i found. They went better then I can ever remember and today i sure felt the burn.

This morning i played a relaxed game of tennis and i can see how much running this year has helped me there. Im a much better player because i can make so many more shots.
This afternoon i took the hound dogs for a short relaxed walk over the lower divide road a mere 3 miles in about 50 minutes. My plan for this week is to run some short distances- i would like to get four done first thing tomorrow morning, two on wed and then a soft three on friday before the race. Or something like that with a fair bit of walking in between and lots and lots of water. I really feel the difference not walking two miles each way to work like i was a couple of weeks ago.
Overall i feel strong and confident but my stomachs still full of butterflies and i know next Saturday will be just as big of an adrenaline rush as it was last year since last year my goal was just to finish, this year my goal is to run the whole thing.
How are your race plans going?


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