5 miles done!

Yesterday, I ran five miles with the dogs. I even managed to power run up this hill that I usually try to avoid. The first 2-3 miles were tough, but the last 2 felt good and strong, if I would have had more time, I’m sure I would have gone farther so I’m feeling more and more confident eat day. Plus I walked another 1½ to and from the truck, so it was a total of 61/2 miles total, not bad. 


I feel like I spend all of my time worrying that I will fall and twist my ankle on a little rock, or slip getting out of the car or do something silly that causes an injury. One thing I did was get some kind of burn under my arm from my tank top. I hope that doesn’t affect my run on Sunday. I think the biggest issue is going to be the heat. It’s supposed to be super hot which isn’t my specialty. I think I need to make sure I drink a lot of water Friday and Saturday. 


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