Its 3:24 i sit in the hotel lobby sucking down some nasty coffee but caffiene is caffiene at this hour i should have bought some of those starbuck frappacinos- next time – haha well thats motivating! Idk why but i am not feeling this race so thats a good sign if im thinking about next time.

If my friends hadnt agreed to let me hop in n carpool i dont think i would even be here right now. It all seems so selfish and idk expensive and elitist in a sense? Plus my body feels all bloated and oversized not quite as bad as last year but almost.

Maybe because we ate such a giant dinner? Maybe because i havent been training enough. Maybe because yesterday when we got our bib numbers I was surrounded by these super fit, petite people who all looked healthy, happy, and ready to race today! Even though i haven’t been running consistently etc i still feel like i have been running enough i should be much thinner… I would say its cause of the sedentary nature of the rest of my life- lots of computer time etc altho last summer i was doing that physical job at the store and that didnt help either.

As i sit on the bus to the start i wonder what am i doing here surrounded by all these crazy runners? For some reason i have my husbands attitude why would u want to run with all those people… In the middle of a city on a hot summer july day? Someone just opened a window what a difference that makes.

Ok at the start half hour to go…feeling better a girl on the bus said the second one is harder which made me feel better in a lot of ways. I just hope everything goes like it did a month ago on the thirteenth of june when i pulled off ten miles before work…i think it should. My last few runs have been close. I guess we’ll see it should all be over in a few long hours now…


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