Well what do I say?

Sunday was hot!!
I didn’t do anywhere near as good as iI wanted but I did scrape a minute and a half off of last year. I still don’t understand why it has to be 13 miles and we cant just be done at 10 but I guess that’s what makes it more amazing?
IMG_1724 IMG_1725
So according to runmeter i have logged 134.5 miles of running time since New Years Eve. It also has another 50 miles that it says I walked which could be true or not and there are all those miles i walked to and from work that i didn’t keep track of that now I wish I would have. There’s quite a few weeks where I have 1 or less runs!! So I think if i would just add a few runs each week it would help a lot.
IMG_1727 IMG_1729


Of course the biggest help would be more strength training and speed work with my trainer. If i could have worked with him all season or even just these last couple of weeks it would have really made such a difference. I really needed his help and guidance to push my limits and follow all the way through.


IMG_1731 IMG_1730

The view here next to the river while the sun came up was beautiful. I just had to snap a picture.




Still feeling really good at mile 4…


I think this is mile 7. The winner of the full marathon passed me right here.

He’s hard to see but he’s up in front of me a little ways.


I dont know – it was harder then I expected by far, I thought for sure I was gonna run all 13 whether I finished faster or not but somewhere between mile 9 and 10 I guess I must have started walking. Still ran a bit longer then last year but not by much. And a couple of times after that I probably ran another 1/4 mile or so here and there but overall I walked a lot of the last three I think.


This band was awesome! All the people who clapped and offered water and treats were amazing. And the volunteers are just so wonderful. If you just want to get the vibe of a marathon I really recommend you volunteer and I think you will get a taste of what it’s all about. We couldn’t do it without all the amazing volunteers, they help everywhere and with everything!!


Lessons I learned – I just need a little more training…if I want to confidently and comfortably, run right through it I have to run 2-3 miles several times every week, somehow at the end here I wasn’t getting that much in. I think I would also put a couple of longer runs in earlier – a 5 and a 6 or two earlier in the season during the first or second month of the new year not wait until the end of April or early May.


The finish line!


Overall, the most important thing is I did it and I am confident I can run a good two miles or more any day I lace up my shoes and head out the door :~)


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