Well, yesterday I finally ran. Yes, that’s right ran in the woods. Only a mile, but that’s ok, it was a strong uninterrupted fairly fast mile. And it felt goooooood!

Not my best picture, or from yesterday for that matter, but that’s how good I felt! 

So last year when I was done with the marathon i thought what do I do with my blog now? Remember this was still just a blog on my computer that i hadnt posted live on the internet yet. Thats where I came up with the idea to call it Chicks Who Pee In The Woods

But I have a new running goal this year and I’m ready to register for the Missoula half again next year which is July 12, 2015. My new goal is to run a 5k in 30 min consistently and a 10k in 60 min. 
I have been listening to this podcast called Runner Girls which is 3 friends who talk about their mission to run a 5k in 30 min or less. I also read a blog post in Runners World which I already posted about the challenges and benefits to run 5ks as races instead of just a gentle jog. I can see how this would make a half marathon so much easier and much closer to that 2 hour 15 min dream goal.
Mmm I just realized why I’ve been so glum since the ½ marathon. It’s because that morning in June when I ran ten miles in 2:17 felt so good and I thought I was gonna do the half marathon at the same stride but I so completely didn’t. I know it was easy that morning because of all the help my trainer had given me and how much more I was exercising just a month ago. I have become really sedate in the last 30 days! I need to change that ASAP!!

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