Speed Mile in My Own Backyard!


Well, it was super hot today, but I finally downloaded some new tunes on my iPhone and I couldn’t sit still once it was done. I thought about driving into to town to the track, but that sounded HOT and also like a waste of gas to drive 8 miles each way just to run on a track. Then I looked down the driveway at the shade and thought why don’t I just go do some sprints to the corner. I figured 8 sets and I’d have a mile done. It worked out even better, I could run two sets to the far corner and walk in the sun and I was done in no time! 

Love my iPHONE with my new tunes and run meter app to keep me on track!IMG_0044

P.S. The new songs were Raise My Glass by Pink and Waterfalls by TLC.  

What are your favorite workout songs?


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