Half Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

So inspiring.

Fat to Fit

So, when a person loses over 100 pounds, he or she tends to want to brag a little about his or her accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be!  I’m one of those people.  Sorry I’m not sorry! 🙂

Monday-Strength and Stretch

I did a lot of kettle bell core and leg training and a runner’s yoga video on youtube.  I love stretching.  Feels so good.

Tues-3.5 mile run

Kicked this run’s a** and got a few cat calls.


Ran two miles with the hubs and did speedwork

Thurs- 3.5 mile run

This one sucked. I ran it on the treadmill and stopped a few times to tie/adjust my shoe and/or pandora station.  Super bored. Did some intervals which included some walking.  Boo.

Friday- Crosstraining and strength

I cycled for about 30 minutes and did bodyweight core and leg exercises.

Saturday-Rest day

Ate too much.  Walked…

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