Ran a mile today!

Well I haven’t done much since the marathon. Summer is not my favorite season. I HATE the heat. I really hate the heat, which is probably why I live in Montana. I do love going to the lake to swim, but I don’t do that very often, and I do like to hike in the mountains, but I do that even less these days it seems so what’s left to enjoy about summer in the mountains. Roads are good to drive on and the daylight lasts a long time for driving. Which is pretty powerful for me, as I put a lot of miles on my car. Like 20K a year at least. 

Anyway, today thanks to some inspiration from the many blogs and podcasts I listen to, I pushed past the “I don’t want to, it’s too hot, I’m just not in the mood” voices in my head and found a shady place to work out. I didn’t do much. My goal was to run a mile. I walked another mile as well. It went good. Ran a pretty fast one. Felt good. 

Trying to get back in the mode. If it wasn’t so hot I’d find another half marathon to shoot for this fall. Maybe when September comes the hot will subside and I can find another goal to train for. 

Hope your enjoying your summer.


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