10:22 mile !!!! I can’t believe it!


YES I did it. Today’s goal was to run a mile in 11 minutes. I would have been happy with 10:59. I would have been really happy with 11:30 but under 11?! I would never have even believed it was possible!

Love my runmeter app. I finally figured out how to have it beep at 1 mile and give me my time and distance as well! It also gives me an update every five minutes as to where I’m at! When it went off at 10 minutes with a .92 update it was easy to sprint to the end!

A 30 minute 5K is just around the corner! Of course I haven’t run 3 miles in probably a month but Summer is not my season! And now that I just looked I actually ran 3 miles on August 8th so that was just last week! I really contribute a combination of things to this mornings success:

1. My trainer Chin who taught me how to do sprints and improve my speed. I still hear his voice cheering for me as I turn each corner and cross each lap mark.

2. Laurel’s joyrunner blog, Ashley’s ashleyrunslikeagirl blog and the bfattofit blog I just recently found that give me inspiration to keep trying.

3. The Runner Girls Podcast that’s taught me so much about training and not giving up and how just getting out there and doing a mile helps.

If I can do it  you can to! Nothing like running to give you confidence.


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