Low Energy Run

Yesterday’s Run:

Well last night I listened to a bunch of motivational running podcasts. I ate healthy. I ran the better part of three days last week at least. The weather was cooperating nicely and was beautiful and cool. I thought today’s run was going to be good and strong.


But it just wasn’t so. My goal as I headed out the door was to run 4 miles in 52 minutes. 4 x 13 min miles on average. Wishful thinking would be closer to 48 min or less but I would have been happy with 52 and I was gonna be on a trail instead of the track so that sometimes adds a bit of time.



But nothing seemed to work. I was a bit dehydrated and the trail seemed to have way more small gravel then I remembered but overall it seemed like I needed or wanted to stop repeatedly. I finished 4 miles in exactly an hour with a long 1/2 mile warm up and cool down. I think my biggest problem is my regular life has become entirely too sedentary. The only movement I get throughout any days is running and so many days I get practically NO movement whatsoever. How I am going to change this I don’t know?



Interesting one of the runner girls had a similar experience on the episode I listened to tonight and she described it as a lack if energy was what made her quit. Basically that describes it.



All I can do is hope for better results next time. I’m glad I have my blog to remember past struggles and how they turned into successes later. Interestingly enough today I am full of energy!



Do you have days like this? How do you handle low energy or motivation?



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