First Rainy Run a Complete Success!

Well, a special thanks to Sue from RunnerGirls. Last night I was listening to her encourage Meagan or Katie to try running in the rain and today I took that advice to heart. Just when I got to the trailhead it started to pour, so I went and did a few errands and before I knew it the rain was easing up.

Although the trail was a little slick and I had to be more cautious I did great! My goal was to run two miles without stopping. I would have liked to set a PR but I was just so happy to run for 25 minutes without having to walk that I felt like celebrating all day. There’s nothing like a good run to make you feel invincible.


So happy to have discovered podcasting. I am always so inspired and motivated after listening to other peoples trials and successes, fears and challenges and how they overcame them. I can’t believe how much it moves me forward on my journey!


Have you run in the rain? How did it go for you?


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