Can you beat this time?

Fastest Time Ever!

2 miles 22 minutes 13 seconds! I can’t believe it. I set out today shooting for 23 minutes 45 seconds and beat it by over a minute!!! Getting so much closer to 3.1 in 30! To me that would be an awesome bumper sticker or 5k in 30? Love the Eureka Riverwalk! It’s pretty, it runs along the Tobacco River. There’s soft pavement and gravel in places if you like. There’s always friendly people to wave at. It’s so peaceful. I finally set my Runmeter to go off every 5 minutes or every ½ mile. It’s so awesome, because if it’s not going off I know I’m not there yet time wise and somehow that seems to make me run a little faster. Feel so good! LOVE the FALL!!


OK I know most people who have been running might find this slow, but for me I’m stoked!

What’s your fastest time?


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