Hey Metabolism Feel That Burn!!

Is there a better feeling then when your muscles are sore? I’ve been trying some different strength training exercises to boost my metabolism and build some lean muscle. It feels pretty good and even though it makes ordinary tasks a tad uncomfortable overall it feels amazing and really is bound to boost my confidence.

I so love this twitter feed: @fitnneeess

They have the most inspirational quotes to really keep you motivated!!

Tried something new today from the runner girls podcast. Sue is always going a little further like a half mile. If shes supposed to run 9 miles she runs 9.5 etc. So today whenI’d finished my goal of 2 miles without a break I pushed it to run a bit further like another half mile. I only went about 1/4 mile but if i do that each day maybe i’ll hit my 3 miles in 30 min a bit sooner. All I know is I feel a lot stronger after just a week of some minor squats n lunges added here and there.

Do you do any strength training exercises that feel good?


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