What have I gotten myself into this time?

My first race

My first race


So about a month ago, I hired a trainer to help me reach my 5k in 30 minutes goal. She has been helping me strength train and improve my race times. At our last session she said pick a date. I said how about Thanksgiving? I wasn’t sure if that gave us enough time, it was about 6 weeks away at the time. She said perfect.

So I went home and got on the internet to see if there was a race nearby. There was in the town about 45 miles south. But my husband thought that sounded far away on Thanksgiving day and was indeed concerned about the cooking of the turkey. I laugh at this because I am notorious for getting up at some ungodly hour of the morning (even for me who usually rises by 5am most days, if not 4:20) and the turkey is nicely roasted on our wood stove by at about 9am. But I can see his concern about the potatoes that would need mashed etc to with…there might be some issues there. So in typical Leo fashion I decided to see if I could organize my own race in town. A mere 8 miles away. Surely there were other runners who would be interested in a local Turkey Trot.

So I got on Facebook. I created a post, tagged a few of my best running peeps and put it out there. Feeling a bit raw and vulnerable. But right away I got great feedback and so far almost all of my buds who will be in town that day have said count me in. And now the real work starts.

I have been thinking a lot about organizing some sort of running club, already. Although I had been thinking more about the Missoula 1/2 in July. I had been crafting running goodies in my head, planning discounted motel rooms, and scenic day trips in my alma mater’s hometown. But a race only a month away is a bit more concrete, right? So what’s the first thing I do? Look for a 5k in 30 minute bumper sticker to put in the goodie bags the racers will get. When I couldn’t find one I created my own. These are available at http://www.awesomemontana.com/5kin30.html by the way.

Things I still have to get done:

1. Decide on the course.

2. Create a webpage and registration form somehow???

3. Advertise the race.

4. Organize volunteers etc.

5. Get the course ready.

6. Run!

Organizing my first race is going to be a learning experience but I think it will be fun in the long run. People have already offered to volunteer and I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback. I can remember when they first started running a Turkey Trot in my home town. The course went right by my mom’s house and we would go out and cheer the runners on. It never occurred to me that I would be in shape enough to run one myself. Running a mile as a teen always seemed impossible to me, forget 3 or 5. It’s hard to believe I have run 10 miles now at one time! I have yet to make it all the way through a full 1/2 but I’m signed up for 2015 in Missoula and hope to make it this year. I’m hoping doing the speed and strength training for the 5k will help me push thorough next summer.

Have you ever organized a race? How big? How did it go? Do you have any tips or feedback for me?


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