Montana’s best running places


Yesterday i had to do an 8 hour roundtrip drive to take a test in Missoula. On the way down I stopped to run with my dogs. I picked the majestic Mission mountains to stop at, found a great dirt road with practically no traffic to get out and get some exercise. I set my runmeter and headed out hoping to go at least a mile in each direction. After my first mile in just under 13 minutes i decided i had better turn around. I wasnt 100% sure where the testing center was etc and wanted to make sure ingot there in time. I made it back to the car with two miles under my belt in just over 27 minutes. I did have to stop to harness the dogs for the friendly postmaster who passed me with a big smile and wave and then to snap a picture or two. Much better then my 30 min 2 miles the day before. Today my legs were pretty sore which is quite unusual for me so i must have been pushing it a bit. Just glad i did it!

On the drive home these amazing rainbows shown over Flathead lake making me feel that much closer to a pot of gold!



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