Dear Dream Reader

I definitely enjoy reading your blog and share your thoughts:~)

The Extra Pounds

Dear Dream Reader,

As much as I write for me to keep a record of my thoughts and progress, I mostly write for you. I tell you stories of my life and share information that I hope you’ll find as useful as I have. I share my successes and my failures so you know that you’re not alone, that sometimes we are up and others we are down but that we are in it together. You are part of my virtual family, a family that keeps me going.

You, my dream reader, laugh and cry with me. You understand my sense of humor and what I take serious. You’re my partner in crime. You may be dealing with something too; you may be trying to lose weight, or get healthier, find a new job, or move to a new country… in short, you’re probably dealing with some kind of new…

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