This Thanksgiving I am Thankful For

My amazing coaches and trainers who have helped me succeed and be the confident runner I am today!



Kirsten Anderson started me off on this journey over a year ago when I joined her nutrition group. She created a running group that got me to run my first 5k. Knowing Kirsten would be there 3 mornings a week was so amazing for me, cause it was early and dark, and I was slow, but she stuck with our little group and got us all across the finish line in a few short weeks. I remember how hard it was to start in the beginning just to run for a few seconds at a time, but she had me running steady for 25 minutes in under a month!


Then I met Chin at the Garden City High School track. He helped me train for the Missoula 1/2 marathon this year. This man is amazing. He encouraged me to go further then I ever would have thought possible and still helps me to this day with motivational tips!



And Sally Ballew who has been helping me with strength training and fitness and nutrition advice that is dynamite!

I am so grateful that these people have helped me learn tricks and tips to run faster, breathe better, boost my metabolism, and feel stronger, safely without injury, and most of all with the confidence that I can do it!

Love you all.

Do you have a trainer who has helped you reach your goals?


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