My name is Jackie Beyer, and I am a runner. I am a new runner, I just ran my first 5k, last year on April 27, 2013. I still remember starting a training program, couch to 5k or something, my running group had the app, and hating running even 60 seconds at a time, but before long we had built up to 25 minutes in the mornings and when race day came, I was nervous but overall very successful. At the 5k I met someone who wanted to run the Missoula ½ marathon with me and from there on it’s all history. I kept a blog on my computer last year of my race training, but didn’t have the guts to publish until this spring in time for marathon two. I have to say having that 9 months of practice blog posts really boosted my confidence and gave me lots of research, as well as ideas for this blog. And really it was when I realized that I had well over 52 blog posts in my drafts folder after just 6 months that I said, hey I am ready for this! Anyway, welcome to my blog about running and training, if you’re interested I also have a website for my artwork that can be found at and a blog for that website at Thanks for visiting and I hope you learn something to inspire you to put on those shoes and head outside walk or run!


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